How do i make him want to marry me

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Dating Rules are a set of laid down guidelines which when properly adhered to, will cause you to experience unprecedented heights of success and pleasure in your dating life and your relationships as a whole. They will ensure you find and marry the man of your dreams. When you follow these guidelines, you get the very best out of your relationship because you treat yourself with respect. You should never let him know you are hung up on him, let him see that you are not clingy or dependent, show him that you are confident and secure.

When you abide by these rules, men treat you with respect and come after you in floods, like bees after honey. These guidelines will ensure that all men harboring ulterior or negative motives are effectively screened out. Only those who are well suited for you will stand a chance of winning the prize; You.

What are Dating Rules? They will ensure you marry the man of your dreams and that he believes he is lucky to have you. Dating rules are about treating the man you are crazy about like you were not. The reason is, men love challenges and if you give -into a man or express your feelings for him or interest too soon, you take the challenge out of the relationship and also succeed in destroying How do i make him want to marry me interest or desire for you.

This is why you need these rules to keep his desire and love for you burning forever. However, to get the full benefits of these rules, you must follow them from the day you meet a man, right from day one. Also, you will have to be consistent and patient. On the other hand, if you say yes, he will expect you to be eager to do whatever he suggests including making out on the first date and will generally not reckon with you.

Then again, how will you ever know if your personality, beauty and charm swept him off his feet or if he only spoke to you cause he felt pity for you. Instead, let them stare at you. Just make sure you always appear approachable. The rest is up to him. When you ask men out, call at their offices and homes every day, take them out and pay the bills as well, you would have effectively succeeded in putting them off.

If your goal is to get men to come after you, and How do i make him want to marry me coming after you in floods, then never ask a man out. Let him take the initiative, let him make the first move. If he is interested in you, he will. This approach should be maintained from the first to the third date by which time you should have had sufficient time to decide whether or not he is your type of man. Let this serve as ample opportunity for you to discover his true personality and intentions. Talk as little as possible. If he insists on getting more or going further, tell him to take you home or you will end up giving in to those strong feelings of desire welling up inside you and later regret it.

If he is truly bent on dating you, he will try again. It makes you look too eager.

How do i make him want to marry me

Make it difficult for him to get you and he will appreciate you more at the end of the day. Make sure though, that when you turn down the first invitation, you do so as politely as possible. That way, the chances of his being hurt or offended are eliminated. Be careful also concerning what sort of place you suggest. Suggest someplace with moderate charges that offer good service. Also make sure you appreciate his efforts to please you and show this with a heartfelt thank you and a smile, no more. Let your first, second and third dates serve as an opportunity to study him and find out if you truly want to be with him.

Listen to him with your head, not your heart. Weigh his words, access him, and check out his potentials, especially in the area of a pleasing personality. Is he disciplined, principled, honest, God-fearing? If you do, you may regret it. Make sure you carry out a thorough assessment. When you go out on dates, make sure you end them first.

Let him take the lead and you follow his lead. If he wants to talk about sports and you have something to say, talk about sports. After a few hours four hours tops end the date. End it as nicely as possible.

How do i make him want to marry me

Let him know you have truly enjoyed yourself. If you gave in to him that easily, he will believe you do the same with every other man. The desire to be with and spend every single waking moment with a man you are strongly attracted to is often extremely irresistible.

However, if you want him to always run after you and go nuts for you, resist this urge. The less he sees of you at the initial stages of the onset of the relationship, the better. This is how it works. By seeing him as little as possible because you choose to you unconsciously condition his mind to always be in hot pursuit of you. His mind is constantly on you. The catch here is that once this mental process has been established in his mind, it will stick there and chances are the same intensity with which he will pursue and do anything for you at the onset of the relationship will be the same throughout the relationship and your marriage.

Never let a man rush you into getting laid. It is an act that though seems purely physical, is spiritual. This angle of a relationship is an area you have got to take special care in dealing with. While it is true that sharing your body intimately possess the capacity to create a stronger How do i make him want to marry me between two people who are already truly in love, you must not lose sight of its capacity also to destroy a young or budding relationship ever before it gets the chance to breathe the air of life.

How do i make him want to marry me

Discipline is generally not pleasant, but it is necessary. Making out with a man much too early in a relationship will destroy his interest in you. If a man is truly meant for you, he will wait. If however, he breaks off the relationship because you politely refused the act, then thank your stars. You would have escaped being an easy lay for some creep.

Now what? Do you open up to him and How do i make him want to marry me him all about your life? Do you spend all your spare time with him each day after work and spend the weekend at his apartment? If you are used to making yourself available to your date any time he calls you, I have got news for you, that practice has got to stop.

Even when he does, you will still have to use your discretion. Understand this, what makes a man propose and go on to marry a woman is his need to keep her forever. Nobody wants to keep worthless pieces forever, but we all love to keep treasures. Live a life that shows you have nothing short of respect for yourself. Treat him with love and care when necessary, but never let him think your life depends on him. I am not saying you should be rude or pigheaded. So he does the only logically reasonable thing, marries you. Do that and he will be off on the next bus going south, just to get away from you.

Never let a man know how much you need him to propose and marry you. This will instantly set off an alarm in his head and he will withdraw immediately. Men like the decision to marry a woman to be theirs, not the other way around. Never mention marriage to a man first. If he wants to marry you, he will bring up the subject. When you give a man the impression you are desperate to get married, he will become extra cautious around you. He will feel like you are trying to trap him and this will make him disappear or at least keep his distance.

I would, however, like to recommend that you drop a man who dates you for as long as eight months, without giving you the slightest hint of wanting to marry you. That way he will know the only way he can get you to move in with him is to marry you.

On the contrary, it will make him take things a lot easier than he should and maybe put off your wedding plans by a couple of years.

How do i make him want to marry me

Maybe you had hoped your date would take you to your favorite restaurant for a five-course dinner but instead, he opted for a burger and coke. Enjoy the coke today, tomorrow or some other day, you will have your five-course dinner. The reason is while you are hard to get, you have got to be easy to be with.

Once you have gone through the initial hurdles involved in establishing a relationship and you have built up a stable, committed relationship or maybe he has even proposed, let him feel relaxed and at ease with you always. If he has stayed with you all this while and remained persistent and faithful to you, he has proved his love for you and deserves to have you give him the benefit of doubt.

How do i make him want to marry me

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