Looking for a swf walking partner

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Katedra anglistiky a amerikanistiky. Love lines: personal advertisements in Australia and Canada.

Looking for a swf walking partner

Keywords: postcolonial, media, sociolinguistics. Annotation: Personal advertisements can be seen as mirrors of societal values and standards. The article mentions the strategy used in advertising and considers prominent phenomena which are present in the. Comparisons of frequencies of expressions and collocations give insight into the linguistic representations of the most recognized and desirable values in Canada and Australia. Love Lines: personal advertisements in Australia and Canada.

Newspapers, journals, more recently the Internet and other media took over the role of the by-gone matchmakers. In a world that is getting more and more densely populated, finding a life partner becomes increasingly difficult. Being amongst dozens of other humans does not prevent individuals from feeling abandoned.

In Australia and Canada it is also the vast distances between some settlements which may hinder Looking for a swf walking partner possibility of personal contacts. Personal advertisements thus originate in people's need to find a solution to their loneliness.

Looking for a swf walking partner

People therefore either turn with their problem to various agencies or they put an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine. Strategy of personal advertisements. The presented paper is based on an analysis of Australian and Canadian personal advertisements both from serious newspapers and tabloids. In this study I only considered advertisements submitted by people who were looking for partners of the opposite sex. The aim is to show what language can reveal about the characteristic features of an individual, of a community, and consequently, of a nation.

While the extent, or length, of personal advertisements is more or less standardised all over the world, the same cannot be said about their structure and especially values and societal assumptions that are implicated in them. The discussion will include advertisements submitted by white people born in Australia and Canada, people born outside these countries and people of other ethnic Looking for a swf walking partner, especially Asian. It will look at the values communicated by immigrants in their new country and compromises between or adjustments to?

The main goal is not to provide information but to mediate contact. Everything that the text conveys is to serve this goal. The first phase, i. I considered male and female advertisers separately. This means that the semantics of an expression can be different for men and for women; there may be different connotations and thus different aspects may be less appealing for one or the other sex.

Seeks lady with gd. Enjoys travelling, dining out. Seeks gentleman who has. The typical male Australian advertiser will mention his Australian nationality.

Looking for a swf walking partner

It is quite obvious that the do not even admit the first definition. Langsdorf, Australians are believed to be rather laid back with not much respect for social ranks. Hardly any man in Australia would describe himself as gentleman while most of them are looking for a lady.

Also women frequently describe themselves as ladies. One of my studies revealed that this phenomenon may be a remnant of the colonial past. There was also the Female factory for convicted women in Sydney.

Looking for a swf walking partner

A lady, on the other hand, was a woman of social distinction, a well-bred woman, it means it was a term connected with the English ruling class. And how close do men and women from other ethnic backgrounds come to the standards suggested above? Most of them offer and wish qualities mentioned in otherthe lexical choices, however, are different:. Agenationality open. While the most Looking for a swf walking partner reference to physical appearance in most male is words like fit and attractive, this advertiser uses handsomewhich — if used by other Australians, appears in the older age groups around Also his self-identification bachelor, reminds the wording typical of advertisements in India.

How different is then the following ad by an Asian female, which verbalizes values highly recognised in her culture. As in the case of bachelor above, girl may be suggesting chastity. SWM,25, I am tall, blond with blue eyes, outgoing and spontaneous.

I like fishing, movies, walks and having fun. Searching for a SWF, The attraction drawing is done through the heading.

Looking for a swf walking partner

The initial part of the advertisement brings information about the ethnic background, or rather, the skin colour of the advertiser. This is usually white, abbreviated to, e. The ethnic background seems to be more important than any other physical feature. Male and femaleaccording to Wierzbicka, are neutral references aling equality. Other most frequently desired attributes are honestloving and humorous. Hardly any of the advertisers says something about their education or profession. Neither the listed interests suggest their secure job or position or good income.

The advertisers refer to themselves and their prospective partners as males and femaleswhich, according to Wierzbicka is a neutral reference, and als equality.

Looking for a swf walking partner

How is it with people from other ethnic backgrounds? Native Looking for a swf walking partner are no longer looked down on. But — is it really so? It seems therefore, that to be a Native Canadian is something that is happily accepted by Native Canadians themselves, rather than a quality desired by other ethnic groups. It remains a question why Native Canadians usually advertise for a white partner, and in my sample, never for someone of the same ethnic background. I would p that — somewhere in their subconsiousness - there is still the heritage of the time when Native Canadians were seen as inferior.

Dating, or even marrying a white person, i. Unlike other advertisers, most native Canadians do not describe their physical features except age and height but rather character qualities. It seems that they want to counteract some prejudices that may have its roots in the past. On the other hand, by advertising for a person of some other ethnic background they al they do not want to follow the traditions of their culture, which may again al that in their subconsciousness they still do not consider it equal. I enjoy things such as carving, walks and jogging. Enjoys walks, quiet evenings at home and the country life.

Interests are sports and all outdoor activities.

Looking for a swf walking partner

Looking for a tall, SWF, under 30, who is open-minded and easygoing. These advertisers evidently want to blend with the white majority. They al it not only by looking for a white partner but also the structure and wording of their.

They stress their appearance references to their hair and eyes and interests that are popular among white Canadians. Asian women frequently look for protection and thus wish for a partner in a position which would secure constant income. Australia and Canada: similar or different. Other most frequent expressions are:. Australia: 1. Canada: 1. Canadians only seldom mention the intended relationship. Though the purpose of personal advertising is clear to all involved, marriage as a goal of the ad is almost a taboo.

Words suggesting life-long commitment are not popular today as Looking for a swf walking partner that may sound as restricting personal freedom. In Canada, expressions carrying the connotation of freedom outdoors, walking, travelling rank among the top values. Both in Australia and Canada the ethnic background of both the writer and the prospective partner is a strongly discriminative factor.

Other attributes and qualities mentioned in the rather support the stereotypical view of tall and well positioned men hence the high occurrence of professional and beautiful and slim women.

Looking for a swf walking partner

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