Maine coon breeders idaho

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Our cats are in and among our family and are treated as such. We have a large catio for them to roam and play with a kitty door that they can choose to be inside as well. The well being of our cats is the most important thing to us, but we also value our kitten owner relationships. We love to share the robust beauty and fabulous temperament of our cats through our kittens. We want your MC journey to be fun, exciting, and personable, and we communicate every step of the way to fulfill a life long Koinonia Coon relationship with you! Beware of vast amount of scamming going on right now.

Producing all colors with or without white. Shipping is available. About Averill is a small cattery in Northern California. We started showing about 10 years ago and then decided that we wanted to carry on this wonderful gene pool of my boy Willie, so we where able to get his nephew Flynn and started breeding these wonderful cats in dog a dog suites We focus on health and great personalities.

Our cats are from Grand Champion, Regional Winning lines. Most of our cats are brown or blue tabbies, with or without white. Occasionally we get red or cream and patched tabby girls. We do not ship cats; if you would like a kitty from us, you will need to visit our home. A great deal of love, energy, and time is our formula for producing healthy, happy cats and kittens. We try and train most cats and kittens to walk on a harness and leash.

Our kitties live underfoot and are a part of our family. We always welcome visitors to our home to meet us and our wonderful Maine Coon Cats. Our kittens are raised underfoot in the family home and handled from the day they are born. We think this ensures they will be comfortable being handled whether it be in Maine coon breeders idaho family home or in the show ring.

Additionally their hearts are scanned every two years by a Board certificated cardiologist beginning at 2 years of age. About Our Maine Coon cattery breeds and shows championship cats and beautiful pet kittens. Our cattery Maine coon breeders idaho registered in TICA.

We are located in Northern California. So come on in and visit our cats and kittens. We do not ship, you will need to come meet your kitten in person. About BoundingMaines is a small Cattery - Founded in and located on the beaches of northern Florida we relocated in to the rolling hills of Marin County, California, to be closer to our Maine coon breeders idaho. We breed only a few litters each year in a host of lovely colors. Our babies are sold under Contract, have all age appropriate shots, come with Pedigree, health certificate and guarantee and are micro chipped, Our Breeding cats are DNA tested at UC Davis and echoed every other year.

Copies of are included in our kittens paperwork. Whether you choose a kitten from us, another reputable breeder or your local shelter we would be happy to answer any questions you might have. About Coonplay has been breeding Maine Coons for since and pedigreed cats for almost 20 years. We breed for the feral, extreme type: large size, excellent health and a super affectionate temperament. Our cats are loved by a family of seven from day one and given only the best food, love and care. Our cats are genetic tested for Maine Coon specific inherited conditions.

Maine coon breeders idaho

It is proven true time and time again: once you have adopted a quality bred Maine Coon from a quality breeder, you will be back for another! We look forward to hearing from you soon! Hearts and hips are tested in order to give you the healthiest Maine that I can. I have always set high standards in my cats and cattery. The kittens are sold with a strict contract. I stress to all my new owners, I am there for you to consult day or night, with any questions.

Maine coon breeders idaho

My biggest compliment is when a kitten buyer comes back for another one of my babies. They must have more than one of my deGoonacoon kittens. After all, one is never enough! Feel free to contact me! About We raise exceptional Maine coon kittens for sale in a loving and caring environment. Dedicated to following a responsible breeding program, our focus is on keeping our animals healthy and happy for when they find their new homes. We truly believe our breeding and rearing methods are best-by-none. Our kittens selection is unrivaled, with a variety of pedigrees, ages and dispositions.

From calm and cuddly to energized and playful, we have it all. About Suncoon is a small Maine coon breeders idaho home cattery dedicated to the belief that our cats live as members of our family. Our cats are never caged and our kittens are raised underfoot until the day they go to their new forever homes. The boys have their own bedroom complete with cat trees, toys, and large windows adjacent to our main living room area.

Our breeding cats are DNA and cardiac ultrasound tested annually by a certified cardiologist.

Maine coon breeders idaho

Our kittens are tested and examined by a Veterinarian and a health guarantee and contract accompanies all of our kittens. About We have been providing top quality Maine Coon Kittens for almost 20 years! We work very hard to get your kitten to you no matter where you live. We have kittens in 46 different States, and have a very long list of references we can provide. Check out our website to read what Maine coon breeders idaho customers say about our kittens and dealing with us.

If your looking for the cheapest kitten, we are probably not your best choice. If your looking for a top quality, well socialized, beautiful kitten, we thing a Stormytown kitten may be a good choice for you. You dont buy a new pet very often, why settle?

Maine coon breeders idaho

About Grand Champion lines. Written sales contract with Maine coon breeders idaho health guarantee. Veterinary health certificate provided at time of sale. Screen for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy HCM. We are proud to offer the best of European elite lines with latest looks and xl size. Check out our site and feel free to via or text. About Champion lines. Written sales contract. Ringworm free. About We love, raise, show and breed healthy, sweet, large and beautiful Maine Coon Cats who have been screened for healthy hearts and hips, as well as those to whom they are bred, to Maine coon breeders idaho we produce the healthiest cats possible.

Our kittens go to approved, indoor only homes and with a no-declaw agreement. No cat in our home is caged, and our kittens are all raised underfoot. We are a small cattery, with only females and have only litters per year to ensure each kitten and cat in our home gets ample attention, the highest quality of veterinarian care and nutrition. I breed these wonderful cats to produce beautiful, healthy and sweet "gentle giants" for my own home-based breeding program and also in hopes of providing loving companions for other cat lovers as well.

All kittens come with a written 1 year health warranty, are vet checked monthly in our home at weeks of age and come with a copy of their health certificate. We are complimented continuously on our large, healthy, friendly and social cats and kittens. We have an extensive FAQ that should answer most questions. Please feel free to or text anytime for any additional questions not answered there!

About We are thrilled to welcome you to our site. Our family consists of two adults, four grown children, nine grandchildren, five dogs, one black 18 year old house cat named George, and our and our beautiful Maine Coon queens, Willow, Paisley, Maggie, Primrose, Fancy and our King Gabriel.

All of our animals are raised in our home and underfoot. All of our kittens are raised in a clean healthy environment to assist them to flourish, grow, and socialize. They are adult, pet, and children friendly. Our four grown children, their spouses, our nine grandchildren and friends are ready and willing to spoil all our animals at every visit.

Maine coon breeders idaho

We are nestled in the northeast corner of the state not far from the Missouri state line and Memphis, TN is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Our desire to breed and raise Maine Coons is due to their awesome personality. They are very intelligent and can be taught behavior and tricks just like dogs. They are able to learn to sit, lie down, stay, and sit up just to name a few. We want our kittens to be purchased by true animal lovers that desire to have the companionship of a true friend. About Purebred Maine Coon kittens ready for a good home.

We have 4 girls and 2 boys We are working with the CFA to get their papers. They have their first round of shots and will be 8 weeks old on Monday. A rehoming fee is needed. Their parents are both registered and with the World Cat Federation and the mom is registered with the CFA and we are waiting for the dad's registration papers with the CFA. About I raise kittens with as much handling as possible. They are kissed and cuddled from birth and as members of our home, they are treated as cherished companions.

When Maine coon breeders idaho place a kitten with a family, I expect the new owners to continue the love and nurturing, along with regular Maine coon breeders idaho care. I interview prospective adoptive families to ensure that the kitten will be given a safe and healthy environment. About Welcome to our home on the web.

Come in and enjoy!

Maine coon breeders idaho

email: [email protected] - phone:(388) 906-2594 x 7274

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