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Kayleigh McKenzie was left in stitches after catching her daughter, 4, grassing up her older brother to Santa, telling him he's 'naughty every day'. It's no secret that Santa likes to keep tabs on who is naughty or nice throughout the year, so he knows who deserves nice presents and who is getting a sack of coal. One youngster, however, decided to give Father Christmas a little helping hand with his naughty list, Naughty uk dating promo code grassing on her own brother, who she claims is "naughty every day. Mum Kayleigh McKenzie was left in stitches when she caught her four-year-old daughter Georgia-Mai dishing the dirt on brother Finlay, seven, when they met Santa at the weekend.

She had just taken her phone out and begun recording the moment Santa asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas, but the year-old was stunned when Georgia-Mai started telling the man in red that her brother had been a naughty boy. Kayleigh, from Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, said: "We walked in and the kids went to see Santa.

He asked them how they were and what they wanted for Christmas. When Santa asked Finlay if his sister was telling the truth, the youngster was forced to defend himself in the hopes of still receiving the BMX bike he'd asked for. Kayleigh Naughty uk dating promo code "Santa said 'I was just going to get to that part' and turned to Finlay and said 'I hear you're naughty, when was the last time you were a good boy? I think Santa was a bit struck [dumb] as well but he played it really well.

Naughty uk dating promo code

The mum-of-two later took to Facebook to share the hilarious clip, and she was quickly inundated with likes and comments from amused parents who shared their own experiences of sibling rivalries. Despite Georgia-Mai's outburst seemingly coming out of nowhere, Kayleigh believes that her daughter was referring to Finlay's 'meltdowns' as a result of his ADHD and autism. Kayleigh said: "Finlay has ADHD and he's autistic so he has a lot of meltdowns and screams and shouts. He 'goes' at the slightest little thing, it can be a noise or the wrong colour plate and she probably sees that as him being 'naughty' but he can't help it.

The mum now plans to try and explain to her little one that her older brother has the disorders which affect his behaviour and communication, so that she doesn't think he's 'just naughty'. In online post, Kayleigh wrote: "I think I might now have to sit and explain to her that her big brother is not like most children and that he's extra special and Naughty uk dating promo code help his behaviours because of his ADHD and that he's also autistic so she doesn't think he's 'just naughty'.

Naughty uk dating promo code

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Naughty uk dating promo code Naughty uk dating promo code

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