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Long considered to be the cause of the Beatles disbanding, Yoko Ono has been despised by fans since she broke up Lennon's first marriage. They had been together sinceuntil John Lennon met Yoko Ono in After a vacation in Greece, Powell found Ono and Lennon together in their home. Yoko Ono's influence started to slowly encroach into his work, which bothered his bandmates.

They became politically active, which garnered them much attention in the press. Up until his death inLennon and Yoko's relationship was always fraught, and she has long-since been labeled a gold digger. After Lennon was killed, she has continued to profit from his fame and wealth with her various art projects, music, collaborations, and much more. However, even today, Yoko Ono doesn't have much of a relationship with the surviving Beatles. Oksana Grigorieva had allegedly told someone she was looking for a "sugar daddy" well before striking gold with Mel Gibson.

Inshe married Russian lawyer Igor Baranov for a mere Top gold diggers months. Then inshe married British artist Nicholas Rowland and had a relationship with Timothy Dalton inwhich ended in Byshe got together with Mel Gibson. She got pregnant the very same year they got married— However, Mel Gibson has certainly been no saint for a of reasons—including his role as a husband. She also claimed that Mel Gibson assaulted her physically and sought a restraining order, but the claims were later dropped. After the lawsuit, she tried to sue her lawyers for getting her to into Top gold diggers bad agreement, but nothing came of that.

Nordegren was originally the nanny for Swedish golfer Jesper Top gold diggers children when she moved to the United States. It was in the U. Nordegren soon became the nanny for his children before finding herself as his wife. The two were married for six years before Woods's cheating scandal came to light.

While it is certainly not Elin Nordegren's fault the relationship ended, it certainly ended up working out for her in the end. And she used her newfound status to secure more relationships with wealthy men.

Top gold diggers

After her divorce, she began dating Chris Cline, a coal mogul and philanthropist. Then, later on, she got together with Miami Dolphins Top gold diggers Jordan Cameron with whom she had her third child in October Should things not work out, she should have decent child support payment to look forward to. Aubry was a relatively unknown model until he met and married the Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry.

They had a daughter together inbut just two years later they decided to end the relationship. Gabriel Aubry had been promptly named a gold digger during their divorce settlement. Though, it's worth mentioning that he doesn't even have full custody of their daughter, so he's receiving that for just part of the time that he's with her. Irving started dating Steven Spielberg back inaround the same time she first began her acting career.

The two dated for four years before Irving had a fling with Willie Nelson, with whom she was co-starring in the film Honeysuckle Rose. She was set to star as Marion Ravenwood in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but the breakup cost her the role for obvious reasons. Irving's acting career started to crumble not long after, so she crawled back to Spielberg. Top gold diggers got back together after being apart for a few years. The two got married inand it ended four years later in ' The judge's honoring of the napkin prenup was the subject of much controversy.

While she may have not gotten Top gold diggers she hoped for, Irving bounced back, getting with Brazilian film director Bruno Barret in They married in and got divorced in Apparently, she has a thing for filmmakers—or at least she likes their money, because inshe married documentary filmmaker Kenneth Bowser Jr.

Everyone knows the man, the myth, the legend Elton John. But who the heck is David Furnish? When Elton met Furnish inFurnish was just a guy working in advertising, but the two hit it off after dinner with a mutual friend.

Top gold diggers

Furnish has never had to work another day since. Rumors and accusations about Furnish swirled, including not actually being gay and only being in it for the money. However, the couple seems to overall ignore it. We're still not sure about this one, so he's earned a spot on this list.

Top gold diggers

Amber heard was hardly an accomplished actress when she married the beloved Johnny Depp. The age gap was undoubtedly strange to many, and when it came to Amber Heard particularly, the relationship was met with suspicion.

Top gold diggers

The two began dating in and married in Many saw Amber Heard as taking advantage of his status—a publicity stunt, if you will. Bythey were divorced with claims that Depp was violent toward her. However, leaked audio recordings suggested it was the other way around. Sure, everybody loves Johnny Depp or at least they used tobut why would such a young actress like her be compelled to marry him other than money and fame? Well, she got it—and brought him down in the process.

Her accusations were enough to harm his career he was fired from two of his biggest movie franchises Fantastic Beasts and Pirates of the Caribbeanwhile she walked away virtually unscathed, despite being the rumored abuser. Antony Armstrong-Jones was a photographer and art scene figure of some renown when he Top gold diggers Princess Margaret the first royal marriage to a commoner in yearsbut he certainly acted like a gold-digger. Armstrong-Jones was partying it up constantly and carrying on affairs with men and women alike with very little attempts at discretion. He married twice, and the first time was with Princess Margaret in The marriage lasted pretty long too, considering his lifestyle.

Of course, there was a double standard. Antony was outraged when Margaret finally took a lover of her own, despite him having at least two children running around that weren't hers. They divorced inthough he held onto the title that was made up for him by the Royal Family for life so the children Top gold diggers Margaret wouldn't be commoners. The marriage very publicly collapsed as his series of affairs were revealed to the public.

Top gold diggers

He would marry again inand that marriage would last until Okay, so, Anne Hathaway and Raffaello Follieri Top gold diggers got married, but Hathaway still wound up paying for it. The two met, Anne fell in love with him inand they stayed together until That's when Follieri was arrested on 14 counts of wire fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering. Fortunately, Hathaway was never found guilty of any crimes.

However, due to the piling evidence, the Italian real estate developer pled guilty to his crimes. He was sentenced to four-and-a half years in prison. Hathaway would move on and marry Adam Shulman, an actor and businessman.

Top gold diggers

Follieri did not serve his entire sentence as he was released on May 25, On top of Top gold diggers, he was deported to Italy by the U. But even despite what happened, he continues to work as an investor. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills married inwhen he was about 60 years old. Meanwhile, Mills was just 34 years old at the time - nearly half his age. This was obviously a huge red flag for the media and fans of McCartney who saw her as taking advantage, particularly as he had just lost his first wife, Linda Eastman, to cancer.

Top gold diggers was a former model and an anti-landmine campaigner, but for the most part, she was not a notable celebrity. She didn't have much fame nor nearly as much money as McCartney. They had together innamed Beatrice Milly but separated in and divorced in At first, she garnered sympathy with tales of Paul being a domineering husband, but then it began to fall apart. The judge censured her for illegally tapping McCartney's phone, and her stories starting proving false.

It's one thing for Piers Morgan to call you a gold-digger nobody cares what he thinks; he's only relevant for having introduced the pairbut Mills's own publicist quit after realizing how often she'd been lied to, calling her former client "a gold digger," "a calculating, pathological liar A self-proclaimed gold digger, Courtney Love is in a league all her own. Love openly said that she would only date really rich men, and she truly didn't believe there was anything wrong with that. At least she's honest.

Top gold diggers

At that point, it's on the guy who chooses to date her if things go south. How exactly Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love got together isn't exactly known, as there are different s. However, Love claims they met at the Dharma Bums show in Portland in the early '90s. Whatever the case may be, they become a couple bygetting married on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii in February Some believe Courtney Love even had a hand in Kurt Cobain's death. Part of this is due to the fact that she introduced him to drugs, while others thought she murdered him for discussing divorce.

We're not sure of the truth, and we're definitely not taking sides, but alleged heroin use may have continued even through Love's pregnancy with her daughter. The Los Angeles Department of Children Top gold diggers Family Services investigated claims of heroin abuse and awarded temporary custody of the daughter to Love's sister. Love claims this, in part, contributed to Kurt Cobain's suicide. Madonna and film director Guy Ritchie got married inbut their relationship ended just eight years later.

Madonna handled things with grace, as to be expected; she was very kind and placed no real blame on her ex. Ritchie, however, did not award her the same kindness. He called their marriage a "soap opera. This included the value of a London pub they owned together and their Wiltshire estate in England.

It's one of the Top gold diggers divorce settlements in history. While living with Madonna, Ritchie never spent a dime of his own money, according to Perez Hilton. Instead, he lived off Madonna's money, including insisting she purchased a 1,acre estate for him, fund his flights on private jets, and pay for his extravagant vacations.

The couple had one son together, named Rocco, and even adopted another child, a Malawian Top gold diggers. Since Top gold diggers divorce from Madonna, Ritchie married a model with whom he has three children. An international star since the mids, Brand is a comedian, actor, and writer who fell in love-at-first-sight with singer Katy Perry.

The two met on the set of Brand's movie, Get Him to the Greek, in Katy Perry appeared as herself in the film in a cameo role. At the MTV Video Music Awards, Perry had thrown a water bottle at his head from across the room during rehearsal, and apparently, Brand used the opportunity to secure a first date. Brand and Perry married later in but divorced just 14 months later.

The major reasons cited for the divorce, as detailed in the autobiographical documentary Katy Perry: Part of Mewere their conflicting schedules, which meant they weren't spending much time together, as well as Brand's desire to have children - whereas Katy Perry was just not ready.

Once Kevin Federline got a job as a backup dancer for Britney Spears, he immediately started setting himself up to date her, leaving his wife just days after she gave birth to his second .

Top gold diggers

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